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Thread voice audio and music mixing

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1 voice audio and music mixing
I started a Cubase 24 track audio recorder project. So far I have only used 2 channels. On channel one I have a voice audio recording coming out the left speaker. On channel two I have another voice recording but coming out of the right speaker.

How do I save this as a wav or mp3 file? Cubase only seems to let me save it as a CPR file?

Also would it be possible to add an mp3 recording I have on my PC in the third channel (coming out of both speakers)? If so how?

What I am aiming for eventually is a MP3 or WAV recording with one voice coming out of the left speaker, another voice coming of the right speaker and the music coming out of both left and right speakers.
Mix in wav or Mp3: find out the two locators in that black line with time or frame square under you icons bar. They are in left corner. (small triangles). Than grab one and pull it to the end of your mix and pull another to the start. Than go to File -> Exiport and select your mixdown export file tipe and name. If is not working just swap those two locators.

Mp3 inport: Add new audio track, than select that track and go to File -> Import -> Audio file... Ther find your file and import it.

For left right control (pan control) click on your audio track, than cilik on small + in the left corner. Click on the 'volume' tab and select pan left right. Than click one line lower and you will be able to control pan.
There could be a problem if you record your track stero, but you used only one channel. You'll have to convert that tracks to mono before or record both channels.

Sorry for my English.

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