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Thread old school analog guy trying to be hip

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1 old school analog guy trying to be hip
I am totally new to this stuff. I have experience recording analog and so forth, but I'm trying to get with the times and feel a bit perplexed due to my computer illiteracy.

I just purchased a BOSS BR-532 and I love this thing! I am a singer/songwriter and needed some type of "notebook" to get my ideas down and this little gem is WAY beyond perfect for me, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to go for mixing down and mastering. At first, the analog man that is trapped inside of me said "Just get a CD recorder deck and mix down onto it...", but I know that there are better ways to to get even better results. This unit has RCA stereo outputs as well as digital optical out. Isn't there a plethora of software out there to support final mixing and mastering from an outboard source? Finding the right one (read easy to use for idiots like me...lol) is my search that landed me here at this forum.

I'm also on the market for a new desktop, so I guess that should be added here too.......So pro's and con's on both software AND desktop requirements would be appreciated.

You got the right idea, just substitute your new desktop for the CD recorder!!

You could either take the line outs from your recorder to the line in on your soundcard, or, if your soundcard has a digital input you could use that if the formats are compatible (the Boss probably puts out SPDIF?) and if your soundcard will support it. That might be something to look for in your new desktop- make sure it doesn't have onboard sound (or that it can be disabled if it does) and then drop an MAudio 24/96 Audiophile soundcard in there. If you not too picky about how things sound, a good Sound Blaster will sound ok.

Either way, once you get the mix into the computer, you want to master it. I have always used Sound Forge for this, and it's always done the job well for me. It's not cheap, but it is very versatile. It can also handle your CD burning requirements. There are others out there, but this is where my experience is.

Where you at in Atlanta? I'm up in Woodstock.......
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Thanks for the suggestions, Axe.....

The BOSS records in .wav format via a smart audio card.

btw.....I'm about 20 miles south of Atlanta in Mcdonough. Nice to hear from you, neighbor![/code]