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Thread what speakers should i get

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1 what speakers should i get
i have a amplified mixer with 8 channels and i was thinking of buying non-powered monitors so i could plug it to the mixer. but i heard that it was better to buy a powered monitors and hook it up striaght to the sound card. also buy a non-powered mixer so there would not be any hum(is that true)
I do not see why you would not get any hum by using a mixer but anyway.
You powered mixer probably has a pair of non-powered outputs so you could connect your monitors to it.

There are so many different models and prices on the market taht it is difficult to help you if you do not tell how much you have to spend. I'm all for powered monitors. Non powered monitors raises the issue of matching an amp to a pair of moniotors, and it is not that easy to find a good combination.