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Thread MIXER

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Here is the Mixer I am looking at, please let me know what you think about this for the purpose I explained inthe earlier post. Dissregard the price I am just using this page for reference.http://www.prowareaudio.com/catalog/m-100fx_10-channel_audio_mixer_with_effects_and_usb_interface_2003172.htm
That mixer would work, but depending on specific needs mightbe to much. All of the stereo line inputs is probably a good feature, that way turntables, beat machines ect.. can be patched in at the mixer with appropriate cables. However, if you are going to record into the computer, I'm not sure that you want to pay for a board with built in effects as soon they will grow obsolete because you will find computer effects ( plug-ins) to be much better and more manipulative. I would get a lesser board and put that money into plug-ins ( that have drivers compliant with your recording software). If you need those effects for a show then go for it, but as I have found the only effects that really gets used live are reverb and delay, and are usually set to the channel unless you have a footswicth and the board has a footswitch port. Even then you can't alter the parameter unless you go to the board. My expierance in hip hop is that they want their vocals dry anyway. So,..I hope that helps