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Thread Help Wit Making Hip-Hop Tracks

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1 Help Wit Making Hip-Hop Tracks
Well i wanted to kno what are the basic effect i shud use to make a chorus and vocals. I want my stuff to sound commercial. But i use cool edit. And i need tips on how to pan my stuff for choruses. If u have any expeience in Hip Hop recording please help me out.Oh Yeah i have a Condenser mic too
I don't know if I understand your question exactly or not, but here goes. Recording vocals should be done dry, no effects. Some sort of buffer between you and the mic should be used to stop the "s's" from ruining your tracks, I use a piece of foam but an old stocking stretched on a clothes hanger will also work. Once you record the first vocal track add a second track, singing exactly the same octave and basic inflections. When these two are combined they will be your “main vocal track” and will have that “full sound”.

At this point if you want to add background harmonies change the octave up or down and record the sections you want. The key is to use more than one track for your vocals, this gives it that full sound. You can always “mute” tracks you don’t like, so go ahead and sing your heart out, make as many vocal tracks as you want. Try to make each end result “vocals” be at least two separate tracks.

The distance from the mic and the volume of your vocals should be modulated to give you the sound of a group of singer standing in the background doing there thing. Once you are happy with the overall sound and edit out any crap, then you can add a little reverb to each track to fill out the sound. I always save my raw vocals into separate files before adding the effects. Experiment until you find your sound, then it will come to you easier and you will have a clearer understanding of how the music you are listening to was created.