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Thread DJ wants to make Mix CD

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1 DJ wants to make Mix CD
DJ wants to make Mix CD

Hello Everyone. I have been a Dj for a couple of years now (3). I mostly use CD’s and sometimes vinyl to mix music together. It just been a hobby of mine doing party’s for friends or for my house party’s. I use a Gemini CD mixer with pitch control and all the bells and whistle and a Numark mixer. Everyone keeps asking me to make him or her a mixed CD of good music. I just put together a nice machine 2.4, XP pro, Sound Blaster Card, tons of HD space, Ect… just wondering what program (freeware) could I use to record, and create track breaks and all that good stuff to make a mixed CD
Hmmmm ... your CD burner software should do the trick. Try it and see if you run into problems.
I think he ment something else, something I want to ask too!! :D
We both have the stuff to mix, and we both want to make a mix on the pc!!
So what I did wasL I linked my pc to my mixer and so you can record on your pc, but that for you need a program to record!!
You have a lot of programs to record music on your pc, but can you recommend a programm or give us a link!!! :D:D

please!!! :D

Thnx Dj Cue-X
Sorry, I misunderstood.
First, I must precise one thing. For DJeing, you have different type of software:

- samplers like "Acid" to mix repeat and mix loops,
- sequencer to record and mix tracks,
- virtual studio to simulate synths, drum machines, mixers, etc... instead of using external racks or external synths.

But if you only need something to record a complete mix and to burn it... a simple soft like Pyro/cakewalk is the best software, for a really low price. I do not know any good freeware for that :(

Am I answering your question?
Yes, (we) I need a prog for recording on my pc, from my mixer to my pc, so not mixing on pc!!
But the last https://www.zzounds.com/a--303779/item--CAKPYRO sounds good, I check it thnx!!! :D

(p.s: If someone know some freeware please tell it me!! :D)
I to am a dj !

I have made a few mix cd's !

I downloaded a copy of soundforge and its serial number ( a lil bit naughty but too tempting)

Next I linked the decks to the cpu - from an output (phono) to the line in on the sound card. You can then record in soundforge.

One I had finished my mix and saved it. I re opened it in ahead nero, ready to burn, but also used this software to split the tracks in a way where there will be no gaps between the songs. Nero is great for this.

Hope some of this helps

Happy mixing
I must have edited your messages because you gave link to w-a-r-e-z sites. Please, don't talk about s e r i a l s and c r a c k s on this forum.
Most of the softwares editors propose evalutation period for their product...
Okeej sorry, I didn't know :oops: :D

Quote: Okeej sorry, I didn't know :oops: :D

No problem ;-)