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Thread IS this an ok setup.

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1 IS this an ok setup.
Hi everybody!

I posted earlier saying I was on a budget. I've been looking around and noticed some good prices on stuff on ebay. Can you guys help me out? I don't know whether this stuff is compatible, or whether its decent quality.

Also, is there anything else I need ot buy?

Thanks and here are the prices (with links)


Delta 410


Hi there

after speaking with some guys in records to recording drums (which it looks like you're doing) they recommended not going the path of the drum mic kit. which suprised me, but i'm setting up a home studio like everyone else, open to suggestion! they recommended using 2 overhead condenser mics. they tried doing that and after some position experimentation found a really good, true kit sound. the reason i listened to these guys is because they're been around for a while, they own a lot of gear and have tried a lot of different methods, so i figured their opinion was valid.

not everyone would agree and each to their own, which is fine! the mics they recommended were the Rode NT5 mics http://www.rode.com.au/NewBrochurePDFs/NT5.pdf.

maybe just something to think about? good luck with your set up!
I looked at the microphones recommended and they were (obviously) good quality. I know microphones are no place to skimp on, but they are little more expensive then I would like to go. The reason I wanted to buy the drumkit microphones was that I figured I could use them for guitar too. The condenser mics (from what I figured out) could be used for drums, but also said other acoustic instruments. I wouldn't mind buying these if they could also be used for guitar recording.

Any suggestions?