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Thread creating dance/house music

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1 creating dance/house music
hi all,
I am new to all of this, I have cool edit pro 2.1 cakewalk somewhere all on a pentium 1.8g and 40gig hard disk with 232 or memory. I want to create house and dance music like Joe Claussel and others and looking for advice as to how to proceed. Thank you.

Theres about a million different ways to create house music as its one of the most widespread genres in todays market - meaning that large companies have already picked up on the fact that people want to make their own. (hence ejay and magix software)

Without knowing your budget theres not really much i can tell u, but i can give u an idea of how i started out:

My first setup consisted of a pentium 2 PC, Cubase VST32, Sampletank, FM7, Absynth, and about a million different free vst instruments i picked up from around the net. (most being absolutely useless)

The beauty of house music is tht you dont need to have a massive budget to do it, as theres no live recording involved. Your best bet would be to get a copy of Cubase (original or *ahem* from kazaa) and a couple of vst instruments. Then just have a play around with them. Once your used to the whole feel of cubase (which shouldnt take too long) you'll be up and away making tracks for pitence. Simple enough, and as most sequencer/Complete Studio software such as cubase is based roughly around the same GUI design you dont need to be a genius to adapt from cubase to other software packages. :lol:
that's for your response man. My budget is small right now, but little by little I'll get there.