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Thread MIDI Equipment

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1 MIDI Equipment
I am contemplating doing my own remixes and stuff and am wondering about the need for MIDI keyboards and sequencers.

I am looking at the Yamaha DJXII line and wonder if this stuff a) is any good and if not what is, b) are these things neccessary or just frills, and c) what MIDI hardware is essential outside of the PC.
If you're looking for a keyboard for MIDI... I can't speak for the DJX, but I know (from experience of owning one and being disappointed by this) that the DJXII has really screwed up MIDI... basically although there is a MIDI out port, the only MIDI out the DJXII can actually do is clock syncing as master. You can't actually control note data of any other device with the DJXII - Yamaha apparently removed all that functionality to make room for more drum loops sounds and all that frills crap - which isn't helpful.

As for what you'll need besides the PC, well, a Midi cable and if you don't already, some sort of card that can take in midi data (usually not a problem unless you have a laptop like I do...)

MIDI keyboards aren't necessary I wouldn't say but they're very helpful and pretty fun, so i'd recommend one.
Can't say I really know which one's the best one to get or anything.