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Thread Multi-track recording (4+) and Mixing/editing

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1 Multi-track recording (4+) and Mixing/editing
:) hi
My name is Steph

I am an experience computer tech. (1983) and an amature musician(1965)

I also have a degree in electronics.

I have been working with sound and computers since 1983 on the Atari 800xl

I have currently returned from the microsoft nightmare where I have been recording audio and video for the last ten years.

I use cakewalk 9.0 for wav recording and mixdown.

I also write my own music and lyrics and have made a couple of personal cd's
but nothing finely honed.

My system is a clome intel pentium 3 866 mhz
196 MB ram
two 7200 rpm ide drives (60 GB) combined
I use a SB live Patinum Sound card
and a CM8738 audio card
as well as an old sb pro card (isa)
My OS is Mankdrake Linux 9.2
I have an ATI ALL IN WONGER agp Video card for capturing video in Windows 98
And I use windows xp movie maker for pasting

I wabt to find some software to help me record and mix audio (16 track) and Video mixing

I would like to be able to offer my freinds and fellow musicians the Linux package to replace th MS one.

any suggestions
Hi Felixxx,

i work on MDK 9.2 also (in the moment i try to compile ARDOUR ;-) )

Usually i install thacs stuff:


But his ARDOUR even fails to read its own Project-files :-|

Most other Stuff works good, especially ZynaddSubFX and Swami also, his Jackd runs flawless now, i only need a stable Tracker (rosegarden is almost...) and serious HDRecording.

How do you work with audio on MDK?


I wabt to find some software to help me record and mix audio (16 track) and Video mixing

Sorry for trolling ;-) i just overread this,

For simple recording AUDACITY will do, i tested it with about 36 Tracks whithout crashing...

If you want the real thing (RealtimeFX, comfortable Mixer, infinite routing-possibilities, several diferrent tracks recorded at the same time etc), you will want to check out ARDOUR:

You can get all the Stuff for MDK here:


live long and prosper ;-)
To get your work done (recording and mixing), I suppose FlexiMusic Wave Editor would render your work.To give you an information this software supports only windows.