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Thread Studio setup help......

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1 Studio setup help......
Hi all. I am new to recording and I have one question to ask?? Oh by the way I have a P4 1.7Ghz, 1GB Ram, 120 GB HDD, Creative Sound Blaster Audigy ZS Platinum, A casio wk 1630 keyboard(only used for midi), Logic audio silver 4.8, midiman usb 2x2 midi interface, windows 2000, a motu 2408 mk3 interface, and a kurzweil k26oor rack module. My question is how do I get all of the midi tracks to have its own seperate mixer channel on an external analog mixer?? Is that possible or do i have to get a digital mixer??? The thing is, THEY ARE EXPENSIVE. Can someone please help me. Thanks. Could it be a setting in LOGIC or a setting in my 2600???

i dont know much about midi mixers as HARDWARE...they seem rare

however there is alot of software out there search on google for "midi mixer software" or something...
you want your MIDI trks on seperate mixer channels? Just plug the outputs into a mixer. Am I understsanding your question?
If you are using only one MIDI module or keyboard { Casio WK ] whatever isbeing played by MIDI on the Casio will only come out as analog audio on the Casio's outputs
.....if it is only playing two MIDI tracks you could pan the l/r and output them to two mixer channels
I hope I understand your problem and hope this helps?