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Thread New to computer recording...help please :)

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1 New to computer recording...help please :)
Hey, I'd like to start recording guitar onto my PC and although I've done some research I am still a bit confused.

From what I understand you can get a jack socket adaptor so I can basically plug my guitar straight into my sound card (Which is a Creative Sound Blaster AudioPCI 64V) and then use a sequencer of some kind.

If this is correct can any one suggest what kind of sequencer I should get (low budget :p) and if not what should I do instead.

Thanks in advance.
i made good experience with a small mixer (Phonic 6 - Channel, Behringer will work as well best ist Mackie).

I plug my Gits into a simple Stompbox (Ibanez Powerlead) and from that into a Mic-Input, than used the EQ to get a acceptable Result (one have to lower the highfreq to cut the typical lineincreeching...).
The Masterouts of the mixer go directly to the linein of the soundcard, the lineout to the Stereo...
For better results a small ampsimulationbox does wonders.

good luck
Ok, thanks very much :) I'm gonna try getting a Pod or Guitar port type thing first then see what the sounds like.

Thanks for you help.