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Thread Copying from burned CD to PC hard drive?

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1 Copying from burned CD to PC hard drive?
Have just started using Nero Express to burn music tracks (mostly Mp3) to CDRW. i can play them from the burned CD but when i copy them to my hard drive (after reformattting hard drive) (Windows XP Pro) they are all only 44kb and will not play.
What am i doing wrong?
Thanks in advance for any help.
did you install you soundcard software? did you make sure you updated your soundcards drivers after installing the software for it...
hi Thanks for replying so soon.
yes i have updated my drivers

when i right click on the file and go to properties the file size for the burned copy is 44 bytes and 2,048 bytes on disc (this one plays ok)
but when i follow same procedure for the file copied to pc the size is 44 bytes and 4,096 bytes on disc (this one won't play)
what's that all about?
Have just discovered that the burning software has a facility to transfer tracks to the HD!
i was just copying them using Windows explorer.


The tracks on the Cd and the tracks that you can play off your hard drive are two different data formats. The CD is cda format. To be able to play off your hard drive, they must be in a standard computer audio format, i.e. .wav, .mp3 or something like that.

The process of pulling tracks off the CD onto your hard drive is called "ripping". You hear that term a lot these days. It means pulling the cda off the CD, converting the format, and saving it to the hard drive.
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yes, i use a program called cdex its free, just search for it on google, and it should come up right away, works great

check this out also