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Thread Help with the basics

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1 Help with the basics
Hey guys

I'm currently in a band and we play music manly in the genre of rock and metal~! Its time to start recording some tracks and i need a little bit of help! I am currently using a program call sound forge 6 and recording from say lead guitar through and amp then the output of the amp into my onboard sound card into my computer! Is this a good start or am i going totaly in the wrong direction? Is it worth getting a small mixing desk and attaching that to my PC as well? And how would it work?
If anyone can help with this i would be much appreciated! :D
first off, how many inputs will you need to record at once? (how many guitar signals, vocal signals, keyboard signals)

it all depends on how many lines in you need, as to what interface you should get...

it would connect to your computer through aUSB port if it is a computer interface, if it is just a analog mixer

i just picked 2 examples of the most basic ones for those links...but it can get alot more complex, and have more options

Quote: ...if it is just a analog mixer

heh i didnt finish

ok if it is a analog mixer, to connect to your computer you can get a "y" cable and plug it into the left and right output if the mixer, and into the 1/8inch input on most soundcards, into your computer
Thanks man sorry i left out the details!

Im gona need 6 inputs

2 guitars ,bass guitar, keyboard, drums, vocals

Digital input is what i want coz i already have the PC to handle it, but i have been told that and analog sound is more pleasing to the ear than digital so my next question is can you get an analog one for my computer!

And is sound forge 6 decint or should i look into getting some different!
I have the money i just need help with direction and produced names, if you could help me that would be great!

sound forge is just fine from my limited experience with it, seemed to do all the tricks...



check that out, i really dig edirol personally, but do some research before you decide on a purchase... m-audio also makes similar mixers..
Right now im prtty sure your average music store over here wont have that sort of thing in stock, any idea where i would get it?

Plus if i was to get a second hand one would i need spacific software to use it would my current sound forge deal with?
nope, no software required, windows installs drivers automatically...i had to order it though a local music store here, next time youre at one, ask about ordering...see if they can do it for you, most places will...

check ebay, i have seen then on there for about half the price they used to be...
hi kiwi
have you tried cubase sx
its a nice program from Steinberg