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So I'm at the stage where i want to record. And it occurs to me that i know nothing. I'm planning on getting a tascam portastudio 788, (I don't do computers). Someone mentioned to me that i would need good monitors. what are monitors. What do monitors do? Will I need them? Can I not mic my piano and vocals and drums straight to the recorder? Can i not plug my bass and guitar straight into it? This is really what i need to know. My instruments won't be done all at once, and our music is kind of piano/garage rock. Randy N. Ben Folds Five. Etc.
Thanks for any help.
by monitors people mean speakers to hear what youve recorded, and to heard how your mix of recorded tracks sounds....

i suppose you could do this with headphones, but then people tend to say that headphone mixes always sound like they are to flat...so a decent pair of monitor SPEAKERS...is important......there are some good cheap ones out there...and expensive ones.....whats your budget?
I'm not going to be able to spend too much. Is this how i listen to things AS I record them? Is it necessary to have that when recording? And would it be a better investment to purchase a really nice set of headphones?
By the way, thank you for your help so far.
i think if youre just getting into it, check out a good pair of headphones...monitor speakers are mainly good for making a final mix for a song, and for audio processing...

monitor speakers can be cheaper...ive seem a pair of jbl ones for $150, but definetly go for headphones if youre not set on dishing out the dough for speakers....

i got a pair of audio-technica ath-m40fs headphones, they kick 8) really great for tracking(listening to what you record while you record it) and for mixing(making final level adjustments on all tracks before you mixthem down into a song)
Thank you very much. This is exactly what I needed to know. By the way, I checked out your website and those audio clips were something else. Is that really all done on a strat?
ya man! all with my telecaster, with alot of processing and patience...

lotsa sore ears also! :lol:

been doing soundtracks to short (independant) films(creepy films)... its good fun