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Thread Guitar/Vocal Songwriter Recording

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1 Guitar/Vocal Songwriter Recording
Hello, I'm a singer/songwriter and would like to start recording my music at home on my laptop. I play on acoustic guitar and sing, and that's the extent of what i need to record at this time. Right now i'm just experimenting with plugging in a mic (cheap sony miniplug mic) and recording live in my living room. Obviously i'm not getting much control on levels or much of anything. I plug the mic in press record in SOundforge and go! So far i've recorded a few songs which have a ton of background noise and not much dynamic range. I'd like to be able to produce a clean recording and be able to control both my guitar levels through an XLR connection (or line in if necessary), and one vocal mic. I've looked into the mBOX and figure i can get a cheap 4-6 channel behringer for premixing, but i'm not sure how i would connect that to my laptop. Also, I only have the soundcard that came with my laptop, which is less than great, so if anyone has recommendations for what i need, please let me know...
thanks... i hope to get some of my samples up on the web and i'll post once i get that up
ok if youre going to use the behringer for premixing then you should check out this post (linked below) about connecting a analog mixer to a soundcard

that helps a bit... but do i need to get an external soundcard (ie... soundblaster live) or anything other than the mixer, the cable to connect it to my laptop and some mics?
well if your computer can accept usb cables then you should check out edirol, they make some external recording interfaces, that you can connect the outout of you mixer to, then the usb cable out of the edirol into your computer

thats what i do...


i have one of those^^^^ but check out their other products...might give you some ideas