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Thread Freeware Recording Software

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1 Freeware Recording Software
Hey, I am new here. Hola! Anyways, I have an acoustic and Electric but all I really want to do is record me with my Acoustic guitar and layer the tracks. I have Cakewalk Home Studio 2002 but for some reason it can't find any Midi inputs. I have that Microsoft GW Wavetable SW Synth but is doesn't seem to be working. How can I get an input without having to pay for one? Second, Do you know of any freeware Recording Software? :D :D :D Thanks a bunch!!
Get Audacity:


it is free and open, and as long as you simply want to record some 12-16 Tracks it will do perfectly.
To have more, i recommend MANDRAKE-LINUX.:




both have hundreds of free Musicianssoftware-Packs MDK is slightely more up to Date. SUSE is slightely more solid...
Will I be able to record straight from my PA head, which had line out, to the computer with this software. I have a brand new HP, with Windows XP.
you dont need any midi inputs to record audio. there are lots of things that midi is used for but to record audio it is not. the software you have will work just fine and dandy. just click continue with no midi inputs. the midi inputs of which the program speaks is from hardware i.e.: midi keyboard, it has nothing to do with the built in midi software in your computer. really all that does is make your computer able to play midi songs. i record with cakewalk programs all the time without my midi controller attached.

Quote: i record with cakewalk programs all the time without my midi controller attached.

And how do you insert drum/bass parts? I would just like to play the guitar through my sound card input and then record the drum/bass parts through my PC keyboard (without any MIDI equipment). Is that possible in (Cakewalk) Guitar Tracks or Cubase?
yes. they do make programs that will let you use your pc keyboard as a midi controller, unfortunatly i do not know of any. i will find you one, or if anyone knows of one let us know.