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Thread The biggest newb you will meet needs help...

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1 The biggest newb you will meet needs help...
Alright, I have a Takamine G-Series acoustic electric and I have been writing a couple of songs. I am looking to record things on my own. I seem to be totally ignorants as to what I need to get going. I have a very powerful computer I put together for gaming and video editing.

What all do I need to start recording? I want good sound quality, but money is an issue. What hardware and software do I need to get going? What stuff would you suggest later on to help me get more professional with it?

I really appreciate any help.

As far as the software goes, I recommend Cool Edit Pro 2.0. It's a killer multi-track recorder. It produces as good a sound as YOU can.
Check it out, theres some sites that offer 100% discounts for the serial numbers (registration codes) or you can buy it for $300.
Thats just my personal preference.
I suggest the pro tools m-box. You get a great box to plug your guitar into and also a great program do record and add other sounds.