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Thread Sound Quality Loss?? What was that you said??

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1 Sound Quality Loss?? What was that you said??
Hi all,

I understand that there is loss in sound quality within the various stages of the recording process.


Where does this occur?

- Does it occur through the transfer of sound and/or data.

- At connection points (i.e. inputs outputs, etc)

Could anyone please educate me concerning this process and;
give any pointers on how loss of quality can be minimised?

Cheers Danez :D
The loss quality is very important for recordings, not from software but from the begining, ata hardware. I have tested a large range of wires but
the connections beetwen console and synths or samplers or whatever else you have, must be with gold wires for GRD ( Ground ) loss, and near it's other. Do NOT use RCA type Or minijack, ONLY XLR & TRS Types.
This is balanced singnal and not unbalanced of RCA, or Minijack