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Thread computer vs. digital recorders

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Topic computer vs. digital recorders
I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they consider the better solution to home recording these days. I've been using a Yamaha MS4 for about 4 years now and am thinking of going to the Yamaha 16AW. I imagine getting all the gear for the computer end would cost about the same but I'm just not sure of the sound. I usually make acoustic guitar, keyboard, and vocal recordings. Computer is an AMD XP 2000 but no soundcard or recording software. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks
I personnally prefer computers because they appear to be much more flexible. You can pretty much replace all of your hardware gear with software solutions. Furthermore the number of tracks available on computer systems are virtually unlimitted.
I agree with Gawain. It may cost you a bit more to go the computer route (not necessarily though, compared to a 16 track stand alone), but the computer is SOoooooooo much more flexible on down the raod. The only reason I could see to choose a standalone over a computer would be if you wanna track your band in alive envorinment. A standalone would be less stuff to haul.....
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