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Thread Newbie needs help with Midi!

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1 Newbie needs help with Midi!
Hi there, I am very new to home recording (haven't done it yet!) I have fitted my computer with an MAudio Audiophile 2496. I have a copy of Sonar 3 and an electronic piano (Technics SX-PR602). I have a PC with AMD AthlonXP 1800+ with 768MB RAM running Windows XP.
I have connected a midi cable to the OUT of the piano and plugged the other end in to the IN of the MAudio card. I have told Sonar to output to the onboard sound for now, and also the midi in from the MAudio card (listed as Midi in Delta-MP).
Trouble is I am getting no response from the midi input. The little symbol of a piano which appears with two LED lights on to show midi activity does not light when I press a key on the piano. And if I try to record to a track I just get nothing. I have looked at the piano settings and, as far as I can tell, it is outputting midi.
Please help, I don't know where to go from here! I have looked in device manager to see if the MAudio card is installed properly, it is listed but in device status it says No drivers are installed for this device, is this normal?

thanks for any help.
1. Bad midi cable?

2. You have selected the MAudio midi port as the midi input device for Sonar, but did you select it as the midi SOURCE for the individual track? At least, that's how it works on Cake 9.0......

3. Did you assign your track a midi channel?

4. You sure your keyboard set up to transmit midi data?

Sounds like your looking in the right places...
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