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Thread methods for recording (MIDI) and software choice

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1 methods for recording (MIDI) and software choice
I'm trying to make the leap into computer-based sequencing and have been demo-ing just about every platform I can find. It seems that none of them offer both pattern and linear MIDI recording. I find there are uses for both. I have always layed down drum tracks as collections of patterns with other things such as cymbals and percusion recorded linearly on another track. Working with patterns to me makes the most sense. With linear platforms such as Cubase & Sonar I'm wondering how other folks put together their drum tracks. Do you have to put BD on one track, SD on another etc., and copy sets of measures multiple times to build the drums? (I like to play my parts manually to record them-I don't use audio loops) Is it a matter of using a drum plug-in? I do want a platform that has audio and VST instrument capabilities too. Any ideas?
Most software doesn't need pattern generation because the "Piano Roll" display serves that function. Usually the entire drum kit is on midi channel 10. A piano roll display of that channel will allow you to create patterns of any length you choose. The highlight, copy, and multiple paste function of the program will allow you to string your patterns together as you choose.

I creat midi drum patterns in one of 2 ways-

1. Play the basic pattern in via my keyboard and then edit from there.

2. Use a program called Jammer Pro to generate patterns and fills. Best I've heard in auto accompanyment software.
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