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Thread What software should i get?

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1 What software should i get?
ok, hi everyone.
first, i am really, really a newbie. I mean i have never recorded anything with my computer, i have no idea what vst,plung-ins,etc. mean.
But i really like making music, and i want to know what software is best for me. I've heard a lot of names that mean nothing to me: sound forge, cool edit, reason,etc.
I have pc with around 733mhz, an Sb Live soundcard and a shure microphone.
I would like to record a guitar, a bass, and voices. For rythm i thought i could use samples (i dont have drums or drummer), also i would like to be able to introduce sounds as samples into the recording. Finally i think i´d like to add some synths. It is very important for me to be able to use synths and samples along with the guitar,bass and vocals.
I am not sure of what kind of music i want to record but i think i would say it is rock..., humm, i think it would approximate bands like: garbage, pink floyd, faith no more, and sometimes just punk rock(when i find a drummer ).

I know i have very little equipment, but i cant afford to buy anything else.
But i think it could be enough for me, since i just want to record my songs..., compose them actually, while recording them(i think it will help me polish it) I just need to be able to record them with the best quality posible based on my hardware.

Thanks a lot