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Thread hey everyone!! computer based recording!

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1 hey everyone!! computer based recording!
hey everyone..
im thinking pretty critically about purchasing some recording ger...
computer and everything....

im not wanting to SPEND TOOO MUCH MONEY at all to get me started..
so if u have any suggestions on anything.. mixers,computers,soundcards.. anything that is in the mid to cheaper price range that you would suggest that would be ausome...
i play mostly accoustic stuff with background guitar..dejembe.. some drums...
I generally tend to determine how many inputs I will need at one time, (i.e. I like 8 mics on the drums) and determine what I'll need to get that into the comp on individual tracks (or with minimal sub-mixing). Decide first if you want a digital mixer/control surface or if you'll use an analog mixer and use it's direct outs to go into the comp. Once you have the mixer ready, you can determine what outboard equipment is best for your needs. For example, a cheap mixer will have cheap preamps and so you may need to spend money on a good preamp.