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Thread drum micing and rooms to record in...

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1 drum micing and rooms to record in...
so i am beginning to record my band, and my biggest hurdle right now is micing the drums. we play some fairly soft acoustic stuff as well as some harder rockin stuff but for the most part our drummer is very dynamic (uses lots of brushes, mallets, whatnot) i have heard alot about phase problems with lots of mics, but to show my ignorance im not sure what phase problems really SOUND like.... the other main problem is that we have no quiet rooms to record... im pretty sure we will be relegated to recording in the storage shed that we practice in... certainly not conducive to anything but super close micing.. so does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a good sound even in a bad room?

plus here's a link to on e of the demos we've already recorded, with the drums in that shed.. www.edgertonmusic.com/songs/Edgerton-Brighter_Dark.mp3
it is easier than you think to make a bad room sound good.
one suggestion i would have is to place the drums in a corner of the room and on the walls of the corner put old matresses (or however you spell it) or thick blankets. if your feeling particually frogy then enclose the drums with the same kind of materials in a box formation.
but i cant stress the importantance of good mics.
a common misconception is that you need a mic on every drum to get a good sound. 3 to 4 mics will suffice. deffinatly one for the kick (prefferably one which is talored to the bass drums frequences) since i can tell that the drummer does alot of snare work you will need one for the snare. an sm57 by shure will do the trick just nicely. finally one over head mic. you should probably get a good condenser for this. this will surely make your drums sound a whole lot better, but i am no expert in micing drums i am just now starting to experiment with mine. all the suggestions i gave are just common recording methods.
you can also you that same room or just the corner you build as a nice vocal booth too.