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Thread Mixing, DJ Console in Macintosh

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1 Mixing, DJ Console in Macintosh
Im totally new at this, i have been searching all around for some kind of device like one i found for windows only
this is a dj console for mixing mp3, like if it was a real djset.
I wanna do this with my macintosh, Powerbook G4, what do need? second sound card? Mixer? will the mixer work with the software or will i just use the powerbook as an expensive cdplayer?

just checked the hercules site. they don't support mac at the moment.
But they are working with Native Instruments on a version that supports Traktor.
There are other devices that might, but tbh most of this stuff is developed for the PC.
I use a Numark DMC-1 controller with some of the software I have, it's a 19" rackmount device that looks just like a CD head.
But as today's software is becoming more complicated and feature rich it is difficult to reproduce anything but the basic functions of the software on a hardware controller.
You will need a mixer, especially if you have a mic, alternative audio devices etc. (otherwise you can do without) a dual soundcard is a nice option, it allows you to pfl (using a mixer) but you can get away with just one soundcard.
It really depends if you are just doing this for fun or if you want to do it (semi) professionally.