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Thread Aggressive Style Music for Flash Intro

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1 Aggressive Style Music for Flash Intro
I am looking for a artist/developer or place to look for a 45-60 second music clip that is techno/breakbeat (not sure the exact genre). I have scanned flashkit.com for quite a while but their samples are too short to do what I am looking for. It needs to start off slow and speed up with a lot of fast beats to it peak, drop tempo a little, then finish in a blast. I am looking for something similiar to the music displayed in the intro on hostrocket.com

Anyone have any recomendations/direction or know of a artist/developer that can accomplish this?

The person I select the music from free hosting with our Ultra plan for two years which includes 1gb of disk space, and 50gbs of monthly transfer on one of our RedHat Enterprise servers.

I am sure I can arrange some runner up rewards as well.

I am looking for a similiar style as listed above but of course do not want to be a copy cat by any means. The feeling is what I am going after. Like you know it is coming, hits you, fades off a little, then hits again ending. This will only be played for aprox 45-60 seconds so it definately should not be a loop.

Also I should note. The music should not contain vocals. I also do not want to have to worry about any licensing issue with record companies so keep it relatively your own.

I should also mention the flash intro is being done by a well known flash developer so this is not going to be a cheesy intro. This is something you can add to your portfolio and really show off with.

I need something within 48 hours.