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Thread From the beginning please...

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1 From the beginning please...
Hi guys.

Please forgive my complete ignorance in this area, but here's what i've got and what i want to do:

I have played guitar for 10 years, mainly just on my own, and I now want to start recording some songs on my home PC. I have never done this before, and i really just want to lay down an album's worth of songs, which I need to write/record from scratch, one track at a time on my own in my spare time.

Equipment: Electric guitar
Marshall AVT100 amp http://www.marshallamps.com/product.asp?productCode=AVT100&pageType=SPECS

Windows XP PC with basic 16-bit integrated soundcard (Sampling rate - up to 48KHz, Signal-to-noise ratio >84dB - if you need any more info on this, please just ask - essentially its just the basic one that came with my PC and I realise I will probably need a new one for this sort of thing).

If you could recommend some easy-to-use software and any other equipment, hardware and cables I need to hook it all together, that would be a massive help to me.