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Thread Mic Pre-amp + Mixing board?

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1 Mic Pre-amp + Mixing board?
Hello everyone!

This is a complete newb question I'm sure but here it goes....

I have a little home recording studio set right now. I'm currently using the Cakewalk Sonar program for guitars/vocals/keyboards. I have a Yamaha MG124 mixer that I use but I've heard a ton of talk about a mic Pre-Amp. Is this something I should be using in combination with the mixing board or that redundant? I'm mostly concerned about getting a warm vocal sound that does not get buried or sound flat in the recording.

Any help would be appreciated!
The channel inputs on you mixer ARE mic preamps, so it would be redundant. If you go with a better mic pre, which can help warm up your vocals, you would bypass the board and go straight into your sound card with a line level signal.
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Thanks a ton for such a quick answer, you just saved me some cash. I figured it was a total newb question but I'm glad I asked.