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Thread My Set up as now

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1 My Set up as now
Hey i have a Behringer ub1204 fx pro mixer, a sony minidisc deck and all the accesories etc. And i was wondering woukd a behringer A800 be a good amp for recording or what, or maybe the behringer Linear Referance Amplifier?!

I will be recording:
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Backing Tracks (self - composed) and maybe drums.

For a general purpose mic that will record all of these (except keyboard!), would a behringer C-1 or B-1 be Ok?

Can anyone suggest a could make of cables that will be coukd generally, i have a small budget as i am only a teenager so any help will be appreciated. Plus if anyone can suggest any other equipment that i may need i would appreciate it, thank you.

P.S i am thinking about using some compression and out board effects also, and i would like to know what a de-esser is!!!

how do i get the sounds from fl studio to play and record into my mpc 1000? please help