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Thread Total beginner - Looking for information on Basic Equipment

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Topic Total beginner - Looking for information on Basic Equipment
Hey, I'm a total beginner planning to buy equipment for a home studio.
I Desperately need information on good(reliable) cheap, BASIC equipment required to sucessfully compose, edit, enhance and mix, master and produce good quality music.
I am comfortable with using cubase and Pro-tools.. I just need to know what 'other' hardware i'd need including the soundcard and other external devices.
I just own a simple PC with a good enough config but with a crappy soundcard!
Please help - links or model numbers of particular products would be sufficient plus some tips!


(I prob am th dumbest when it comes to technicalities so please be as basic as u can!! :P )
Ok, Just saw the 'READ THIS FIRST' info!

Sorry, I am basically looking to record live bass, guitar (acoustic and electric, would need an awesome mic there! :P ) and vocals.
I plan on using a MIDI controller for the rest.
I am a drummer with a drumkit but am assuming MIC's would be way beyond my budget for now. But please suggest standard mic's for a drum kit.
Which version of Pro-Tools should i buy?
Have worked with Cubase but am learning to use pro-tools in college! :) so would prefer using that at home.

Kindly Advice.
a. What kind of music do you want to do?

Bass line driven with clean guitars, jazzy synth and groovy drums

b. Do you want to record individual tracks at a time or a whole band at once?
Individual tracks mostly

c. What do you want to do with your recordings? Demos? Fun for friends? Get gigs? Make a million and get a record deal?

d. What kind of instruments will you be recording? Live drums? Vocals?
Mainly Vocals. Live drums where necessary (when there is money to assist my needs! :P)

e. What kind of computer do you have (or want)? Desktop? Laptop? Include: Operating System, Processor speed, RAM, Hard Drive Space, Sound Card type. USB? Firewire? CD Burner?

Currently own a standard Pc without a good soundcard but with decent config
i'm Sorry , currently do not own a PC!
You might want to just search some of the back posts here. This question might be the most asked on this forum and has been answered a lot in the past.

As far as PC config....2 hard drives? at least 1 gig Ram?

If you're comfortable using Pro-tools or Cubase: Why don't you buy one of their usb setups (Mbox or Tascam us-122)? Up to two tracks at a time, so you could basically record a 'demo' quality live drum kit with a stereo pair of overheads.
Well, i've researched a bit and am planning to go in for the m-audio 2496 soundcard for starters! .. i currently have an old version of cubase so will prob use that.. do u think an sm-57 or 58 mic would be enough as a starter mic? - i dont think i can afford a condenser overhead. Wil most prob program the drums till i can afford one.
and i havent yet got my PC ! wht's the best recommended config for a resonable price!? (i'm only gonna use it for audio and recording) (star question! :P )
57 and 58 are the identical mics, the 58 has a wind screen and the 57 does not since it is an instrument mic. Get the 58.
Computers: To each their own, but I'm personally an AMD fan. Bare mininum, I'd look at Dell or Bestbuy for an AMD Athlon or Intel P-4. 1.6 gig processor, 1 gig Ram, and Dual 7200 rpm Hard Drives. You might also want to get a graphics card rather than using the one on the mother board. That cuts some stress off the cpu.

Mics: Like posted before the 57 and 58 are identical other than the windscreen. However, I would suggest getting the 57, as well as possibly a cheap condensor..MXL makes a 990 that's really good for $60.
Thanks for the info!

I'll prob be getting a similar config to what you've recommended except for the Ram. . as of now, Intel p-4, 1.6 with 512Mb of ram .. and an m-audio soundcard with an SM- 58 and a 57 cause i'll need a good instrument mic too.
but yeah, will prob be going in for more RAM and a condensor too.

I've already almost fixed a price for these but was wondering abt the souncard. the guy whose selling th stuff to me says he's putting a decent soundcard for free (He composes his music on it) , its prob a high level soundblaster one. U think this'll be enough for starters & compatible with th other equipment i've mentioned?