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Thread Can my Mac handle recording??

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1 Can my Mac handle recording??
Ok, I know there are a few threads on here for newbie home studio enthusiasts. But I wanted to get some specific thoughts on my machine/setup. I am a total beginner when it comes to this. I want to start building a basic home studio using my computer to record and edit tracks. I am not looking to build a vocal booth, or seperate room for drums, etc...(at this point). I basically want to familiarize myself w/recording guitar riffs, bass lines, some vocals, etc.

I have a mac g4, 400mz, 512mb ram, 250gig firewire hd. I've had this machine for a long time now, and its nothing compared to the new macs on the market. But i'm wondering if I added some ram, could I use what I already have? Or, should I invest in a newer more powerfull machine first?

Also, I bought an imic yesterday to use as an interface. Are these things decent? If not, any recommendations?

What about software? There are so many programs out there, I don't know where to start.
What is most important for you to remember when thinking about RAM and recording is that the absolute minimum is 512. Which translates to the minimum being closer to 768. I'm not sure however if you older machine is expandable past 512, you might want to look into that. Anyway, I wouldn't spend the money on a new mac yet. Even if you make some upgrades, they should generally be able to be transfered to a new system in the future.