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Thread Cakewalk vs. Cubase

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1 Cakewalk vs. Cubase

I am looking for a good software to set-up a virtual studio.
The typical use would be guitar+voice recording with synthetic drum and synthe (I have a midi keyboard).

I was decided to buy Cakewalk Sonar, but when I went to the shop, the guy told me: "Don't do that! Go for Cubase instead."

The reasons he gave were:

1) Cubase is a de-facto standard
2) You can find a lot of virtual instrument for free on the net in VST format (Steinberg format?), while you can't for Sonar.

Is that true?
What are the pro and con of each solution?

thanks in advance for your replies,

You can use almost all vst plugins in sonar or cubase. I'm using cubase but I try sonar too and I think there is no big difference. You must just used to one of them. They both support rewire for rewire with other programs(like reason).