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1 Comments about the feature article: If You're Thinking About Getting a Pedalboard - Part 2
If You're Thinking About Getting a Pedalboard - Part 2
In the second and last installment, we’ll cover three main issues that you need to work out order to get your pedalboard up and running: The order of the pedals, how to get power to them, and how to attach them securely.

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Key takeaway: Buy every single pedal in this pedalboard:


And you'll sound like David Gilmour :)

:lol: Wow, that's quite a pedalboard. The craziest pedal setup I ever saw was that of Alex Lifeson of Rush. I was doing a story on the band years ago, and was allowed to go to their rehearsal space (they were rehearsing for that particular tour in a small arena, believe it or not) and check out their gear. As I recall, Lifeson's setup had tons of pedals, multiple splitters and at least two amps. It was so complicated you'd need a schematic to trace the signal path. Frankly, it was overkill, if you ask me. The whole band's gear was overkill. Believe it or not, for a three piece band they had close to 80 inputs going into the board. A big chunk of that was from Neal Peart's drum kit, which was acoustic on one side (with about a million toms, it seemed like) and swiveled around to an electronic kit on the other side. I pity his drum tech. :mdr: