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Bags/Gig-Bags news

  • [Musikmesse] Protection Racket Nutcases

    [Musikmesse] Protection Racket Nutcases

    03/23/10 in Protection Racket Nutcase

    Up to now the Nutcases were only available to purchase in five piece sets in Rock and Fusion sizes.

  • Protection Racket Electronic Perc Pads Bags

    Protection Racket Electronic Perc Pads Bags

    09/17/09 in Protection Racket Electro 4

    Protection Racket new range of five electronic drum cases are specified to fit Roland’s electronic percussion pads; each manufactured to the product dimensions and compartmentalised to hold additional accessories such as stands and sticks.

  • Meinl Combo Bags

    Meinl Combo Bags

    08/18/09 in Meinl Cymbal/Stick Combo Bag

    The new Combo Bags by Meinl are a combination of a cymbal bag and stick bag which can be attached or detached by using a zipper on the bag's backside.

  • Reunion Blues RB Continental Guitar Case

    Reunion Blues RB Continental Guitar Case

    08/17/09 in Reunion Blues RB2 Continental Dreadnought Guitar Case

    Reunion Blues introduces a new rugged, refined RB Continental guitar case, designed to outperform common wood and plastic cases.

  • DHB6500 Hardware Bag

    DHB6500 Hardware Bag

    06/17/09 in DrumFire DHB6500 Drum Hardware Bag

    The DHB6500 is designed to make the transportation and storage of heavy cymbal stands, thrones, clamps, and other drum accessories as easy as possible.

  • Lil Namba Remix Backpack

    Lil Namba Remix Backpack

    04/22/09 in Namba Gear Lil Namba Remix Backpack

    Namba Gear announces their 2nd high performance laptop backpack for musicians and DJs.

  • Kaces Jumbo Stick Bag

    Kaces Jumbo Stick Bag

    04/19/09 in Kaces Jumbo Stick Bag

    This new bag is designed offer multiple storage compartments for drum sticks and almost everything else.

  • Gator GM-1WEVA Bags

    Gator GM-1WEVA Bags

    04/13/09 in Gator Cases GM-1WEVAA

    Gator has taken the same concept of the GM-1W single wireless system bag and released the new GM-1WEVA, described as robust and more compact .

  • Fishman Loudbox 100 Case

    Fishman Loudbox 100 Case

    03/25/09 in Fishman Loudbox 100 Padded Shoulder Bag

    Fishman Acoustic Amplification is now offering slip covers for its Loudbox 100 and Performer amplifiers, and the padded shoulder bag for the Loudbox 100.

  • Kaces 24" Pro Cymbal Bag

    Kaces 24" Pro Cymbal Bag

    03/17/09 in Kaces 24" Pro Cymbal Bag

    This 24" padded cymbal bag has individual padded dividers on the inside to separate your cymbals and cushion them when hauling your gear out on the road.