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Bags/Gig-Bags user reviews

  • Gator Cases GRB-4U

    Gator Cases GRB-4U - "Not too bad in a pinch"


    What I like most about this Rack bag is the fact that, despite being a bag, it has a hard plastic (i believe it is plastic) mold on the inside that gives the bag a solid protective structure for you gear. I own an RME Fireface 800 and I purchased a …

Translated user reviews
  • Cover Amp housses d'ampli

    Cover Amp housses d'ampli - " Well fine work ..... Made in Canada"


    Recently received the product "Custom" is guaranteed for life .... Effective protection, quality materials, perfect realization: Peter and Nancy a big applause .... And besides, once his amp it throws ....! Class ...! It takes 6 weeks and 27.20…

  • Gator Cases GK-2110

    Gator Cases GK-2110 - " Practical and sturdy"


    I was looking for a way to carry my pedals Digitech PMC10 safe. I found this bag which has the ideal size both in width and thickness. As for the remaining space available in the depth, it just allows me to stall one or two expression pedals and …

  • Focal CMS 40/50/65 Bag

    Focal CMS 40/50/65 Bag - " Average Average"


    I have the bag for the month of January, I had to use 4 times; The quality / price / efficiency is pretty average, in fact it is simple, it takes 10 min to store 2 speakers in the bag, and it is quite dangerous if you are meticulous. To force t…

  • Rockbag RB 23500 B

    Rockbag RB 23500 B - " Handy"


    It is frankly very convenient to carry a head without a problem. It is therefore the job well. The wheels are sometimes a little unstable against. The weight of the assembly with the head is still not negligible. The quality ratio is very good …

  • Rockbag RB 23510 B

    Rockbag RB 23510 B - " Super convenient"


    This is my first purchase of this type to carry a 1x12 combo Marshall 30w Artist for small concerts pub or bar. It is frankly very convenient for moving smoothly. It is therefore the job well. Note, however, the wheels are sometimes a little unsta…

  • Gator Cases In ear monitoring bag

    Gator Cases In ear monitoring bag - " Damn good and cheap"


    Gator bag at half-rack format. Designed for transmitter Ear monitors, but is suitable for any effect at half-rack format. Well done: Open front to access the settings, open "drop" in the rear with iPad accessories. In addition, cheap ... …


    JBL PRX612M-CVR - " Handy"


    I buy these covers in May to accompany my pair of PRX612M. Product quality is perfect with a good thickness, which makes the product well protected. For small I usually takes top box on wheels, but for the price and use, they are fine for me. …

  • Gator Cases GK-2110

    Gator Cases GK-2110 - " Ideal for Pedalboard"


    I use it to store my homemade pedalboard and it suits me very well. Good bag which remains very expensive but even today that what is not :-( …

  • Namba Gear Big Namba Studio Backpack

    Namba Gear Big Namba Studio Backpack - " mouais ..."


    A strap snapped after 2 days ... This is not what I call quality. The second ramp after a month ... They are still attached but it does much more. The zippered main compartment is disjointed. Level storage if it is not bad. So good bag i…