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Guitar Cases/Bags user reviews

  • Mono M80 Vertigo Electric Guitar

    Mono M80 Vertigo Electric Guitar - "A softcase that seems efficient for transporting and protecting"


    I only bought it a few days ago, I got this softwase because i was tired of traveling with a heavy, cumbersome case. This softcase is light, it protects the instrument as it should and has a few tricks up its sleeves: the neck is held when you close…

  • Mono M80 electric Guitar Case

    Mono M80 electric Guitar Case - "Best double gig bag I had..."


    Before I went on the road to Asia last Spring I decided I was going to take 3 guitars. One in a flighttcase, and because luggage restrictions I needed a durable double gig bag that would keep my guitars safe in case of the flight crew making me gate …

  • Coffin Case B-195

    Coffin Case B-195 - "Great case for protecting your instrument!"


    I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with this case. Over a year after I bought it that case still looks and functions great. I use this case with a BC Rich Warbeast NJ Deluxe. I know, I know, that's not a bass. But the body of the guitar is so long I…

  • Ibanez M5C

    Ibanez M5C - "Memphis Electric Guitar"


    Black strat copy with low cost vintage hardware. I have been play guitar for thirty years...blues, rock, metal jazz and RandB. I have an affinity for strat copies. I have rebuiilt several guitars to 'Fender' standards Purchased this strat copy from …

  • Gator Cases Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case

    Gator Cases Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case - moosers's review


    The Gator Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case is a professional hard shell casing for your instrument. Gator has a series of cases like this that are made for all different purposes, with this one of course being designed for use with a Jumbo sized acoustic …

  • Godin Case TRIC Dreadnought

    Godin Case TRIC Dreadnought - "Godin TRIC Dreadnaught Case"


    Color: Tan/Tweed; Size: Approx. 43' long; Shoulder straps; molded handle. I purchased this from Musicians Friend for $100. I purchased it to replace a Breedlove hardshell case with rusting hardware and was too heavy to make the guitar easy to …

  • Postal Monkey Leopard Fur Cases

    Postal Monkey Leopard Fur Cases - "Nice Looking but falls apart."


    This is a Leopard spotted guitar case. They come in acoustic and electric shapes as well as varying sizes. These are definitely a novelty product if ever there was one. However, the fact remains that they are durable, and will keep a guitar intact. T…

  • Fender Standard Molded Case

    Fender Standard Molded Case - mooseherman's review


    I'm surprised to actually think about it, but this is actually a very reliable case. I know many other people who've used them at some time, and this is probably the standard case that most people own if they bought a Fender guitar new in the last 15…

  • Fender Ultra Gig Bags Strat/Tele

    Fender Ultra Gig Bags Strat/Tele - "Fender Strat Ultra"


    I've been in bands for approximately 50 years (from age 11) ...starting when the only aspiration was to emulate Hank Marvin (not a bad thing!) After using various makes of guitar eventually obtaining a '63 Tele' (in '63) and still possess. Musical ta…

  • Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster/Toronado/Jagmaster Multi-Fit Case

    Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster/Toronado/Jagmaster Multi-Fit C… - "Squier Jagmaster"


    I am mainly a bass player, but i do like to play 6 string guitar regularly too. I have only really been seriously player for a year and a half, but i have sorta played for a few years before that. I was looking to find a cheap guitar to play and ha…