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  • Ibanez M5C

    Ibanez M5C - "Arbor Electric Guitar"


    I decided I wanted to play guitar, so I saved up my allowance and mowing money to buy one. I purchased it at Twin Rivers Music in Columbus (This place adjusts each guitar that comes in and make sure there are no problems with it) for $200. I like t…

  • Ibanez M5C

    Ibanez M5C - "First Act Electric Guitar"


    I got my guitar from Wal-Mart. I bought it because it was cheap and I dont have a lot of money. It is good for practice and beginers.It was cheap. The fender chips easy.every thing breaks easy on it.things come lose on it. Very poor. Every thing…

  • Fender Standard Gig Bag Squier Mini Strat*

    Fender Standard Gig Bag Squier Mini Strat* - "Fender Squier Strat"


    A gift from my daughters...they wanted me to start playing electric again. I have played guitar for over 40 years so I feel I have a fair knowledge when it comes to choppin' wood. I have been through and endless variety of guitars...Regent, post- a…

  • Ibanez M5C

    Ibanez M5C - "Memphis Electric Guitar"


    it cost about $60 on e bay.the way i got it was from my mom on my 13th b-day that was july 12 every thing plays like a dream its got alot of dings from the previous owner great quality and construction. stays in tune. solid. even though its from…

  • Ibanez M5C

    Ibanez M5C - "Jay Turser Electric Guitar"


    I bought this guitar at Music-Go-Round as my second guitar for $179.99. This guitar is great the maple neck is nice and smooth for fast moving The tone and volume nobes get loose alot but other then that this is a great guitar. I like the twany so…

  • Ibanez M5C

    Ibanez M5C - "Hondo Electric Guitar"


    I bought this guitar at a pawn shop. It is a good looking guitar, & has a good sound. I paid $99.00 for it. The sound,the size. since I am not a professional I can only say I think it's good. It has 21 frets, 3 pickups, 2 tone control. 4 way s…

  • Ibanez M5C

    Ibanez M5C - "Made in China Electric Guitar"


    at First i payed $100 for it at the pawn shop. that guitar has so many stories to tell,(if it could,lol). the body is black with a white pick guard. on the pick guard is a vinyl sticker of an 8-ball on fire that distinctly does not cover the pickups.…

  • Ibanez M5C

    Ibanez M5C - "Global Electric Guitar"


    I was looking for a guitar for cheap when I first started playing, so I went to every site and store. I didn't find anything so i started asking family members,and not one of them had anything except one of my mother's old friends. He didn't ask any …

  • Ibanez M5C

    Ibanez M5C - "Arbor Electric Guitar"


    I got it at Paradise Guitar in Beloit Wisconsin for $135 i've had it for four years and i've put this guitar through hell and it won't brake!!! i've droped it i've thrown it when i perform, and it hasn't ever broken on me. i was very very hesitant …

  • Ibanez M5C

    Ibanez M5C - "Encore Electric Guitar"


    I go the guitar from mill hill music studios in london, i paid 100.00 for the guitar, strap, bag and 10watt amp, the pickup is a bit shite but its a very good guitar for begginers!! it looks very nice and it plays very well the pick up is shite!!!!…