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  • Fender Standard Gig Bag Squier Mini Strat*

    Fender Standard Gig Bag Squier Mini Strat* - "Fender Squier"


    I bought this guitar at Blue Mountain Guitar Center in Lebanon, NH for around $200.00. This isn't the most beautiful or expensive guitar in the world, but it's reliable. The metallic blue color is both attractive and fun to look at. The tone quali…

  • Ibanez M5C

    Ibanez M5C - "Samick Electric Guitar"


    I'm from Indonesia and bought that guitar about 3 months ago with Rp.1.100.000,00 ( app.US$ 92.00. I bought a samick electric guitar. This guitar have a small guitar neck, so I can experience my favourite song very easy. Sometimes this guitar have…

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