Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster/Toronado/Jagmaster Multi-Fit Case
Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster/Toronado/Jagmaster Multi-Fit Case

Jaguar/Jazzmaster/Toronado/Jagmaster Multi-Fit Case, Guitar Case/Bag from Fender in the Jaguar series.

MGR/Mark Horton 09/10/2005

Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster/Toronado/Jagmaster Multi-Fit Case : MGR/Mark Horton's user review

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I am mainly a bass player, but i do like to play 6 string guitar regularly too. I have only really been seriously player for a year and a half, but i have sorta played for a few years before that.

I was looking to find a cheap guitar to play and have fun, maybe gig with. I always look at the music section of my local paper anyway, and i saw this squire jag for 120 pounds, with a 10 watt amp, strap and lead. I went along expecting a beaten up guitar for the money but the condition was exellent. Bargin!

It has a sexy shape, smart black paint job that glitters just when you catch the light just right.A large headstock added flair to the other end too.A quirky little pickup selector and decent humbuckers make for a perfect combination. The humbuckers can easly be changed to upgrade the tone. Sounds ok when played through my 10 watt, but when i took it round my mates and whacked it through a marshall stack it really shone.

Not much to say here apart from the tuning can be prone to slipping out a bit, especilly when the whammy bar is used.

The guitar was four years old when i got hold of it and didnt show its age one bit. When new strings were fitted it felt brand new! It seems impervious to knocks and dings. A real workhorse instrument.

A great first or intermedeit guitar, perhaps outclassed by more expensive instruments. For something other than the regular strat or tele, at least try the jagmaster out!

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