Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster/Toronado/Jagmaster Multi-Fit Case
Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster/Toronado/Jagmaster Multi-Fit Case

Jaguar/Jazzmaster/Toronado/Jagmaster Multi-Fit Case, Guitar Case/Bag from Fender in the Jaguar series.

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MGR/Mark Horton09/10/2005

MGR/Mark Horton's review"Squier Jagmaster"

Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster/Toronado/Jagmaster Multi-Fit Case
I am mainly a bass player, but i do like to play 6 string guitar regularly too. I have only really been seriously player for a year and a half, but i have sorta played for a few years before that.

I was looking to find a cheap guitar to play and have fun, maybe gig with. I always look at the music section of my local paper anyway, and i saw this squire jag for 120 pounds, with a 10 watt amp, strap and lead. I went along expecting a beaten up guitar for the money but the condition was exellent. Bargin!

It has a sexy shape, smart black paint job that glitters just when you catch the light just right.A large headstock added flair to the other end too.A quirky little pickup selector and decent humbuckers make for a perfect combination. The humbuckers can easly be changed to upgrade the tone. Sounds ok when played through my 10 watt, but when i took it round my mates and whacked it through a marshall stack it really shone.

Not much to say here apart from the tuning can be prone to slipping out a bit, especilly when the whammy bar is used.

The guitar was four years old when i got hold of it and didnt show its age one bit. When new strings were fitted it felt brand new! It seems impervious to knocks and dings. A real workhorse instrument.

A great first or intermedeit guitar, perhaps outclassed by more expensive instruments. For something other than the regular strat or tele, at least try the jagmaster out!

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MGR/Felipe's review"Squier Jagmaster"

Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster/Toronado/Jagmaster Multi-Fit Case
I bought it from Musiciansfriend.com. I paid $250 for it. 2003 Model.

The body, neck and fingerboard are flawless. The job they did on this guitar is great. The finish is great also. The sound is good, good distortions and strong clean sounds through my Marshall MG50DFX, but nothing out of this world.

The tremolo is useless, if I use it the guitar will go out of tune inmediately. The tune machines aren't great also. I had to change them for locking tuners.
The pickups are alright, but they can be easily changed also, I'm planning to do so.
Finally, the tech guy from my local store had to change all the electronic setup, because it came bad from factory.

Good quality guitar. It's really beautiful. As I said before, great finish, not very good electronics.

It's a good beginners guitar. I gig with it, but as soon as I can, I'll get another one, maybe an Epiphone Les Paul.

Now, if the tune machines and pickups are upgraded, then you'll have a very good guitar. So if you decide to get one, keep in mind that you'll have to put more money into it to make it work fine.

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MGR/James Palmer11/02/2003

MGR/James Palmer's review"Squier Jagmaster"

Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster/Toronado/Jagmaster Multi-Fit Case
I was originally looking for a jaguar or jagstang being a huge Nirvana fan and I really just wanted the guitar for the image but upon strolling into Fox's Music, Lincoln, England, picking one up and playing it, i fell in love. I paid £180 approx $220 or something.

The first thing that struck me about the guitar was the shape of the body, very similar to the jaguar. Then the unusually long neck together with the low action which make it beautiful to play. The sound that comes from the pickups is brilliant for lots of types of music from fat bluesy tones on the neck humbucker to harsh rock tones on the bridge humbucker. Also the contours of the body are nice too.

I honestly cant think of anything wrong with this guitar!!! Try it

Brilliant construction. I've banged it a few times and it has nothing to show for it.

I advise anyone looking for a cheap, good quality guitar to try this out.

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MGR/jassion's review"Fender Jagmaster"

Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster/Toronado/Jagmaster Multi-Fit Case
Looking for a Jagstang I came across the Jagmaster at Guitar Center. I paid about $200 for it.

Very nice tone for the low price. THe vintage body shape is a more attractive looking instrument. THe low action makes it one of the most playable instruments I've ever picked up. THe neck is the perfect width my playing style. I play all different styles of rock, from grunge to more classic varieties. For me this guitar is versatile enough for all those. I just change out the pedals. I use a Marshall MG15CDR practice amp and this guitar sounds great through it.

It is a little heavy, and the GHS boomers that it came fitted with don't seem to compliment the guitars overall sound. I'm putting heavy gauge Fender bullets on it to see how those work. It's not designed for Van Halen style bar drops, so if that's what your looking for this isn't it.

Body is silversparkle alder, rosewood fret board. Factory strings are not really compatible with this guitar. Sealed tuners. With two humbuckers.

I would recommend this guitar for any beginning or intermediate player who is looking for a higher quality axe for a low price. I've owned one other squier and from that experience I was a little on the wary side about it at first, but squier came through this time.

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MGR/Toby's review"Fender Jagmaster"

Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster/Toronado/Jagmaster Multi-Fit Case
I bought this at Mars Music Center in West palm Beach for about $240.

There is a lot to like about this guitar, keeping in mind that it is designed as a lower-end begginner guitar. The jaguar shaped body and sparkle silver finish were the first things i liked. I also like that ut was made of alder. I also liked the dual humbuckers that supply plenty tone and playing high notes on the neck pickup coupled with some distortion prvoides a really cool sound.

I was not particularly impressed with the size of the neck (a little too large for a beginner guitar)< and the action was pretty high (i lowered it to a suitable level without any fret buzz< so that really wasnt a problem)

From my experiences so far, it is constructed pretty well. Ive hit the headstock numerous times without it showing, ive dropped in on a rug over tile, brought it on road trips with blankets, backpacks on top of it, and only have one small nick that cant be seen when playing.

It is a nice beginner guitar that is a step away from the "Your'e a beginner? Get a Squire strat" stereotype. I have played on a squire strat and this has better tonal coverage.

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