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  • Great River 32EQ

    Great River 32EQ - moosers's review


    The Great River 32EQ is a reissue of the equalizer found in the Harrison 32 Series consoles, and as far as I know, both parties had a hand in designing this new model. The 32EQ is made up of analog components, boasting four bands and both a high and…

  • Great River EQ-1NV

    Great River EQ-1NV - moosers's review


    The Great River EQ-1NV is a single channel, four band equalizer with an addition high pass filter. The EQ is made up of all analog parts, and has 1/4" TRS connections. It isn't a rack mountable piece of gear as it has its own shape and size that wi…

  • Great River MP-500NV

    Great River MP-500NV - moosers's review


    The Great River MP-500NV is analog solid state pre amplifier and direct input box.  The unit is very basic and simple to follow as it has the bare minimum.  It has XLR connections in the back of it and a Hi-Z 1/4 inch input for plugging your instrume…

  • Great River MP-2NV

    Great River MP-2NV - moosers's review


    The Great River MP-2NV is a dual channel microphone preamplifier that is simply a two channel version of the Great River ME-1NV as it has the same configuration.  This is an analog unit that has XLR connections in the back and has 1/4 inch inputs in …

  • Great River ME-1NV

    Great River ME-1NV - moosers's review


    The Great River ME-1NV is an analog, single channel microphone preamp.  It has XLR connections in the back as well as a 1/4 inch input in the front if you want to use this as a direct input box.  This is a solid state based pre amp and isn't a standa…

Translated user reviews
  • Great River RK-1

    Great River RK-1 - " logically useful, not essential."


    I have these brackets since 2012, they do the job, just that it is expensive for two pieces of iron € 77 anyway! Easy installation, no worries the above, sorry if the notice is not very technical or provided, but at this level it there's not much …

  • Great River EQ-2NV

    Great River EQ-2NV - " The best equivalent Eq Neve 1081/83 's in Very Ht Range"


    Pure Eq Stereo UTILIZATION perfectly simple ... and effective! SOUND QUALITY well as interesting and effective as Colotes NEVE 1081/83 that are supposed to "immiter" OVERALL OPINION Many sound engineers and mixers used to the environmen…

  • Great River MP-500NV

    Great River MP-500NV - " High quality"


    transistor preamp detiné this model is to be inserted into a rack PLC 500. This format provides numerous advantages, starting with the space saving. for the preamp signal pickups, it also excels in DI for bass or electric guitar. commands: input g…

  • Great River ME-1NV

    Great River ME-1NV - lpkyer's review


    Pramp 'single' rack but also practical in its format transportable. There are two XLR connectors and a-10dBV output useful for monitoring the no time limit Ilpossde DI has an excellent forward. UTILIZATION Using fairly simple, the manual expli…