Yamaha QY70
Yamaha QY70

QY70, Groove Machine from Yamaha in the QY series.

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All user reviews for the Yamaha QY70

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 12 reviews )
 2 reviews17 %
 7 reviews58 %
 3 reviews25 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Audiofanzine FR03/15/2002

Audiofanzine FR's review

Yamaha QY70
(Originally written by /translated from Audiofanzine FR)

This sequencer is just AWESOME!


Very easy to use


Sounds are perfectly well done.


I've been using it since '99 and I mix with my PC and the qy-70!
I really recommend musicians who don't play in a band to buy it because it's a great complement to your music!!!!

Ravaillac's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Friendly portable sequencer"

Yamaha QY70

-A headphone mini-jack
-A couple of MIDI input / output
-Battery power or AC adapter

It is therefore a MIDI sequencer (16 tracks) ultra-portable, with a close to that of a Game Boy screen.
Its main qualities are its portability (runs 2 hours on batteries), and XG tone, an equivalent of MIDI, Yamaha, for editing sounds (ADSR).


Operation is intuitive, the positioning of the buttons are well chosen, and the 3 screens (Song or Pattern, Mixer and Instrument) correctly readable.
The manual is well done, and answers all the questions that you are entitled to ask.


XG technology makes the most interesting because editable sounds.
Nevertheless I used primarily as a sequencer for my other machines I made the train with the QY70, then at me, I assign different tracks on my other synthesizers and drum machines.


I use it for less than a year, and this is a purchase that was rather useful to me, until I acquired an iPad; Indeed, the vintage side does not hold up about the possibilities of iPad apps.

The +:

XG tone-editable

The -:

Non-backlit screen
-Battery life pretty feeble

Finally, there is a rather well thought out machine that can work in situations "off-studio" (train, hotel, ...), but take a hit logic old facing a tablet, and even a smartphone.

vivija's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" No regrets"

Yamaha QY70
Stereo mini jack output / headphones
midi in & out
to host (for pluger directly in the computer without MIDI)
a volume wheel and another for contrast, Friendly game boy 1st Gen Hello :-)
Indeed available -> REVERB, CHORUS or CHANGE
sounds as if it was raining! December without a bank of sounds awesome! and all editable
the sequencer is solid as usual with yamaha (at least from what I've tested)


I would live the manual, it is really far from Electribe is filled with submenus.
Once we caught the thing is easier to navigate in, to navigate in any case, the possibilities there!
the manual itself is very didactic and clear (I highly recommend reading it)


The sounds are terrible there really means to draw sth or editing or mixing them properly, plus there's tons.
There is a particular grain inside the one that pad sound, I personally find it very good, after the one who wants to sound modern, hi-tech, clear and crystalline, is better for him that goes to the new hardware rather The is clearly dated.


I love the fact that it sounds a bit lo-fi aquatic, sounds complement each other well and sometimes we have surprises when the effect on the rhythm parts combinations.
I especially like the grooves box and I would not use it for the live example, the interface is not quite instinctive ...
Value / unbeatable really a bargain price, and for the tanks it will make a very good expander.

littlejohn94's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" QY70 NICE LITTLE BOX"

Yamaha QY70
I bought there over 10 years and I tjrs. This is a midi sequencer 16 tracks very powerful with lots of phrases, patterns, grooves, of chord in all genres (pop, rock, jazz, goa, Latin 3/4 or 4/4) . Mixer functions, quantize, shift, gate ...
The song mode to chain patterns or record their improvisations.

All this to put in his pocket through 6 batteries. Be careful not to miss his station if you take the train!


the manual is very well done. It can be tedious when editing in depth but the small backlit screen is very readable.


Sounds, 519 voices, 20 drum kits. This is AWM2 Yamaha, you can even edit them cutoff, resonance and also the ADSR envelope!


Super small boiboite twelve o'clock

citron69's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Convenient for playing in the subway"

Yamaha QY70


The screen is not touch and it is sometimes complicated to edit patterns and chord ... especially when you're used to the ergonomics of small shelves today.


The sound is more or less what we had in the 90s audio cards.


For me, the interest of this machine is to have a two-octave keyboard on which you can strum quietly ... (Attention, it wears quickly become Contacts and bad).
Interest compared to other software in a tablet: nobody will mow you something so ugly ... so you can have fun with the subway to 23h without fear.

Beyond premium is € 80

fjohn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha QY70
Audio stereo mini jack + mini in out.


Everything is well explained and clear. Ergonomics is there.


Of AW2 is from Yamaha. It's good for the price. It is not that obvious, audio samples, but to use it enough.


... Since 1996. At the time ts the must of its kind and it was costing an arm. Today, opportunity is good for what it is: a sequencer which allows the study of fun while traveling or in his apartment on the edge of prototype pieces very honorably. Nothing more, sound synthesis AW2 is good but does not expect miracles either ...

Oliviercool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" handheld that does not fit in the pocket"

Yamaha QY70
Key features:
- Sequencer 16 tracks with accompaniment track notament.
- 1 set of inputs - MIDI outputs
- Battery operated


I bought used emergency so I could work outside on the midi with a laptop, a netbook. Well, it is true that today, all sound cards come with an onboard chip synthesizer but it is often the GM, sometimes GS, but almost never the XG - let alone the TG300B. And precisely the advantage of XG is the ability to set the ADSR envelope, the cuttof, resonance and many others, that does not allow the GM and GS.

Connected in MIDI interface MIDI USB external, I use it mostly as a sound generator as the external XG Yamaha XG SoftSynthesizer S-YG50 I used so far is a latency too long, especially when he is working on the notes. And besides, it only worked on Windows XP. And in this context, it is unfortunate that this has not QY70 TG300B mode. But hey, it can roughen the midi on the train, or even to deal with.

Hardware sequencer that time, I do not use it yet because no time to look into it currently. There's just one thing clear: as a port mini-DIN 8-pin ("To Host") instead of USB (the camera was in 1997 already) and today (October 2010), parallel or serial port has disappeared from our PCs, which remains the only means for exchanging midi files between the machine and the computer is to transmit real-time (or speeding up the tempo on both sides) via the MIDI sync with MTC. The sounds frankly


sant ... mouaif ... means. They sound clear and clean, yes, but ... soup is cold! Nothing to do with the Yamaha QS300. Failure Mode TG300B is perhaps something ^ ^ This is a sequencer


pocket but it does not fit into the pocket, obviously, because it is slightly more cumbersome than a VHS tape. But despite its thickness, it is small enough to fit in the pouch of my 10-inch netbook with USB MIDI interface and MIDI cable to boot. It filled so much of the role I've assigned him: the midi to work outside.

In my opinion, at least at first sight:
- It lacks the user TG300B, argl, too bad!
- They should put a USB interface instead of making this "To Host".
- The internal memory should be of type Flash and large enough to store full of midi
- The display should be backlit
- They could have put a real audio output, 2 jacks 6.3 of preference. Here is the 3.5 mm headphone jack that acts output audio is light, especially fragile.
- It eats batteries! For serious use on the move, there must be several sets of batteries, watch batteries recharged. It should take 6 to 8 hours with a set of 6 AA batteries Energizer or Duracell, no more. Anyway, anyway, laptops (even netbooks) currently do little more than 3 to 4 hours on average, with few exceptions.

For troubleshooting and for roughing the midi out, not bad at all. But you see I bought this model in a hurry because I discovered after the fact, after some research, as the Yamaha MU15 hadst better suited. Indeed, in a box roughly the same size which also operates on batteries, I have An expander GM and XG sequencer without, of course, but with the way TG300B him. A sequencer

Lowall's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha QY70
Purchased 90 Euros OCCAZ. I wanted to note my ideas quickly and everywhere, able to run standard grids to work improv ... The QY70 seemed to meet all these objectives and it seems to be the case. XG sounds, arrangers, and real time programming step by step, mini keyboard, MIDI sync. Ability to export midi file.


Fast enough to handle. Ingenious system to enter agreements with combinations of keyboard key (one for the tonic and one for the type of agreement). Variety of agreements, the possibility of spills through the note that is to be on bass.
Step input easy enough for the track arrangement (possibility to enter an agreement with the measurement and syncope). More complicated for standard tracks, the system is not very practical. We must choose a note length and return the keyboard note for note. Depossibilité not test the notes before you go, except out of edit mode (it forces them to work the ear). The real time is easier to fit a melody.
No possibility either to listen to the result as and without leaving the recording mode, it can quickly be heavy.
In my opinion a backlit screen would be welcome as well as a configurable loop mode (you can just run the song in loop). The keyboard could also have been a little more practice (with touches like ocarina for example).
Qd is very usable and well worth a 7.


For an old trick with sos XG, I think it is doing not too bad. The sounds are really suited to be aware of how this research can be ringing and almost all categories. Sounds can even be reworked (filter, amp curve) and the effects can be added (Grove, reverb, modlation, disto .... Units styles are fairly complete and sound pretty good too. There are really What lay a quick ... Even if the rework then a sequencer. Of course it is a machine and it sounds machine.
I connected my keyboard to try and sound, the answer to dyamique, the inclusion of the pedal and the bend ... Everything works nickel ... It can even make a small expander secour quite honorable.


I've had little time but I enjoy enough to return to the fiddle melody lines and accompaniments standards everywhere. Certainly, a more keyboard "keyboard", a backlit display and keyboard shortcuts more would have improved the beast, but for the price, it still responds well to my expectations and is terribly useful.

bubblebe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha QY70
Not much to add.


This sequencer has remained six months in my possession. use is actually what made me waste. I found no obvious schedule because the small size of the screen quickly becomes heavy and crazy I often entangled in the sub menu. against by the fact that one can take it anywhere is gnial!


Sounds to me more for its dpanner because I find it rather bad. but to compose a trip c foot. For my part, since I connected expanders, I finally Attard this too.


Despite the suffering that I had to use it, it's a complete squenceur trs. That is why I bought its big brother QY300 which has a larger screen, and a c vritable happiness. I thought I would row as the QY70 to use it, and finally nothing. The only defect of qy 70, so it's not really the operating logic, but simply a notch. Has all the custom settings that can be rgler, in fact it displays too much information at the same time which quickly becomes indigestible.
Little D10/02/2004

Little D's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha QY70
See spcialiss or commercial sites for CHARACTERISTICS.

Note that the connection is rev limit.

Reduces its size is an asset not ngligeable.


This mini-arranger squenceur is easy to use and you can CONTRL quickly, without too much digging in the manual ... which is rare at Yamaha.

To create the songs, a "SONG" is adopted.


This device, which dates from 1998 or 1999 possde acoustic sounds bad, bad show trs, drum kits pretty bad too, but paradoxically, synthetic sounds that take their little prs Pingle's Thurs
Note that certain sounds are completely useless (like the train, hlicoptre ...).


We are in late 2004 and although this device possde INTERESTED qualities, including its function squenceur trs simple to use and with some synthetic sounds that can sduire the followers, it is best to ogle me in a hardware latest issue more qualitative performance audio and connectivity evolves a little more ... but the price will srement not the same.
This device nanmoins well dpann me to satisfy my need for Fast Fashion made me beautiful little couraging songs.