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Groove Machines user reviews

  • Elektron Monomachine SFX60+ MKII

    Elektron Monomachine SFX60+ MKII - "A surprising device"


    A good device. Honestly, it’s great! You could just pass it by if you were to just try it too quickly, but it has an incredible potential. I use it to make small loops, to write things I think of on the spur of the moment. It’s the very first “com…

  • Novation Circuit

    Novation Circuit - "A nice plaything with potential"


    I’ve tried it for an hour or so before writing this review but I’ve also spent t least 10 times as much reading other review on it on the internet, so I knew what to look after ;) I had never really used such a machine or pad controller before, so m…

  • Korg ElecTribe EMX1

    Korg ElecTribe EMX1 - "my own official french rewiew google translated"


    Current Output December 2003, the Electribe MX is a direct evolution of the ElectribeM (EM1) showing some features of the EA1 the same manufacturer ... Small summary: the EM1 was a very handy black groove box with 2 synth part, 10 drum part, 16 di…

  • Korg Electribe 2

    Korg Electribe 2 - "Almost the perfect groovebox !"


    UPDATED after a few days, this box is awesome !!! Hey all, I've been using my new electribe for 2 weeks now, so here is a short list of pros and cons for people considering buying one. Enjoy and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong or if I co…

  • Korg Electribe 2

    Korg Electribe 2 - "Bring some groove into your life"


    -250 patterns of up to 4 bars max. -32 master effects (Kaos pad-like). -1 individual effect per track, from among 38 effect types. -50 gate arp -25 groove types (you can change the groove of a track) ------PCM--------- -56 kicks -5…

  • Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII

    Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII - "A professional table top synth"


    The SFX60 MKII is a table top sequencer and synth that has a 6 track sequencer. The effects are really what stand out to me with this synth. The compression is very good and so are the reverbs and chorus effects. There are a total of 54 effects on i…

  • Elektron Analog Four

    Elektron Analog Four - "Love Elektron"


    The Elektron Analog Four has been one of my go to synths recently. It is a table top style synth that doesn’t take up much space on my desk. It has a 6 track MIDI sequencer and 2 audio inputs with 2 TRS outputs. There are no digital connections on th…

  • Feeltune Rhizome LE

    Feeltune Rhizome LE - "Rhizome LE vs Rhizome SXE"


    The Feeltune Rhizome LE is more of a watered down version of the Feeltune Rhizome SXE. It cost less than the SXE version but it lacks some serious options that the SXE has. With the Feeltune Rhizome LE you are still getting your 32 knobs and 16 veloc…

  • Feeltune Rhizome SXE

    Feeltune Rhizome SXE - "So far so good"


    The Feeltune Rhizome SXE is a production workstation that you can use with your VST plug ins. It has 32 knobs on it and they are all well made. There are also 16 velocity sensitive pads, the pads are not as big as I would like them to be but they are…

  • Feeltune Rhizome LE

    Feeltune Rhizome LE - "Great software / hardware combo"


    I have recently started using the Feeltune Rhizome LE; it is great for a stage performance or for a studio session. It has 16 buttons that you can use to control your session and all of the buttons are backlit. The Feeltune Rhizome LE is VST compati…