Elektron Analog Four
Elektron Analog Four
legato 84 06/24/2014

Elektron Analog Four : legato 84's user review

«  Snthé hallucinating! »

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512 presets, drive to include 4096 + sounds! effects demented, this is a crazy machine that I will strongly Design Tips to buy as soon as possible, you really will not regret it! Elektron more in September will release the overbridge which enables you to control your synth VST, Audio Unit via your favorite sequencer ... it is awesome ... you need all the connectors ... Audio IN, CV gate, Midi Out, In, Thru, The Analog oven blends wonderfully with other machines, all you can do with this is amazing, I use it with analog rytm I just buy m and it's heavy! and then connect a roland SH 101 CV gate sequencer .... The Elektron is very powerful and very well done ...


You must know that there is a little time to adapt with Elektron machine ... because there is a lot of function and sub menu, but when you mastered this, you will really take your foot because the sounds of these machines are just AMAZING!


Preferably for Zik Elektro ... or sound design ...


It's been over a year since I used the and I can not do without ... ds we find all my songs ... I used with the Live 9 ... this is insane! Price sobering indeed ... but next to happiness provided ....
C'mon dark if your finances allow!