Elektron Analog Four
Elektron Analog Four
dakitanmonkey 08/19/2014

Elektron Analog Four : dakitanmonkey's user review

«  Very good analogue machine »

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It is best to go on the Elektron site to get an idea of ​​the capabilities.
In addition to providing four lanes 3 effects are available: chorus, delay and reverb. The effects are shared between the channels, but you can of course adjust the volume for each channel.
The sequencer is excellent, and function parameter lock is great (ability to change the settings or even the sound for a particular step).
The small built-in keyboard is extremely convenient.
Since the last update, you can play chords on the slopes, but be careful, it is limited to 4 global channels (so kind if you make an agreement of 4 ratings on the step 1 of track 1, there is more opportunity to play a sound on the other step 1 of the other tracks).


Quick grip. Personally, I'm somewhat in the menus, there is enough surface controller. If you are a regular Elektron machine, it does not pose any problems.


Excellent I think. I wanted to make good bass, and beautiful tablecloths. It is possible, mission accomplished. Go take a look at videos made by users to report to you.


Before buying it I watched a lot of video on youtube to be sure of his abilities.
This is the machine that I always expected (multichannel synth, built-in effects, built-in sequencer, integrated mini keyboard). I used Ableton live, I do not use anymore.

What I like most is the parameter lock, as I have described above.
Since my purchase prices rose a bit apparently. I do not regret this purchase instead, since I bought an Octatrack.