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moosers 08/23/2010

Yamaha RM1X : moosers's user review


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The Yamaha RM1X is a versatile music workstation that is aimed at users making dance and electronic music. The RM1X was made in the 1990's and I'm pretty sure that it is no longer being manufactured. It can be used both on the stage or in the studio as a production tool. While today this has mostly been replaced with DAW (digital audio workstations), there is still a lot that can be done with this. It's easy to compile your own beat or use it as a 16 channel sequencer. It's fully MIDI compatible and also has a now dated floppy drive.


Being that there is a whole lot that you can do with the Yamaha RM1X, it definitely will take a while to learn how to use this inside and out. I definitely do not know everything there is to know about the RM1X, as I've only used it a handful of times. I'd say that while it's easy to get some simple tracks going, it will certainly take some effort to learn how to use all of the features on the RM1X. While I haven't seen the manual for this, I would recommend having it around unless you're pretty experienced.


The sounds possible with the Yamaha RM1X are quite versatile, as there is a serious amount of different sound banks to work with. This includes a variety of presets including different drum patterns and phrases. It also has built in effects and it's easy enough to layer your sounds to get new ones. Most of the sounds on here are pretty realistic considering what the box is, and there's almost an endless room to do what you want with it, but the actually sounds themselves aren't the most impressive. I would probably recommend using this as a supplement and have something with some more sounds like a DAW. If I were doing a serious project with this I would probably bounce everything into a DAW at some point along the way, but this is definitely a self sustaining work station and everything can be done inside of it.


While most people out there building an electronic music rig will go with something computer based, the Yamaha RM1X is a nice alternative to get started with. It's also just a nice supplement piece of gear to use in tandem with a DAW if you so choose. I must admit that the one that we have at the studio where I work doesn't see much use, but it's kept around as you never know when it might be helpful. If I were putting together a rig I'd be going with a DAW based platform, bu the Yamaha RM1x is a great little device and is an option definitely worth exploring.