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  • Guild F-512

    Guild F-512 - mooseherman's review


    I haven't had the fortune of playing a lot of Guild instruments, but this guitar really stood out for me. This twelve string changed my opinions on twelve string guitars forever. It has more than 15 frets, but the 15-17 range is about when you can co…

  • Guild F-512

    Guild F-512 - moosers's review


    The Guild F512 is a top tier acoustic 12 string guitar, and is one of the best of its kind that I have had the pleasure of recording with.<span> </span>The guitar isn’t an acoustic/electric, so it doesn’t have any pick ups or setting controls to work…

  • Guild F-50

    Guild F-50 - " TOP TEN BEST GUITAR"


    Bought in France from the United States jumbo table STIKA AAA Sides and back without barage flamed maple back inside which is not common; The woods are lovely wood grain is fine and well parallel to the table and maple (for the blonde) highlights…

  • Guild F-50

    Guild F-50 - " The sister of the boss"


    During my test of Guild JF55, it also gave me this guitar, for comparison. Basically, this guitar was a clone of the JF55, but constructing a combination splint massive maple and laminated maple back (while the rosewood to 55). We find the ebon…

  • Guild F-40 Valencia

    Guild F-40 Valencia - francois1958's review


    Made in the USA, Micro Piezo, 20 frets, volume control and tone, beautiful finish UTILIZATION Handle very thin easy to play, the design of the guitar is not doomed to access to extreme highs, the guitar is light, powerful and balanced sound, supe…

  • Guild F-50R - Antique Burst

    Guild F-50R - Antique Burst - bluesss's review


    MODEL: Guild F50R Vintage Jumbo Color: Antique Burst - see my personal pictures. Technique: Since 1998, they have made Tacoma (Washington) USA Channel: In 3 parts (mahogany-mahogany-able) Keys: ebony ornamented with inlays of mother of pearl …