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  • Orange DIVO-OV4

    Orange DIVO-OV4 - " Maintenance free"


    All users amps all-tube "fixed bias" are subject to the same problem when changing power tubes: pass by a technician who did the "bias adjustment". To make it simple, lamps amp generate a flow of electrons going from the cathode to the anode, and a…

  • Orange FS-1

    Orange FS-1 - " Good but HUGE"


    The value for money is not as bad as it can be said (to see the fs engl ...). Supplied without cable but I find it rather accommodating. on the other hand it is simply huge for a single switch. …

  • Orange FS-1

    Orange FS-1 - " Not too expensive ... and delivered with amplifiers ..."


    Footswitch for channel switching amps Orange. I got mine in 2009, offered by my mag when I bought a stack Rocker30 & PPC212CB ... The problem is precisely that the stinginess of Orange shameful it is not given with the amps. While it is cosmeti…

  • Orange FS-1

    Orange FS-1 - neuroleptik's review


    -How long have you use it? Reu this morning for my orange crush 30R - Quick Overview Strong, class size for scne The footswitch FS ORANGE use with any Orange amplifiers (combos or heads) except Lorange crush combo range, EST is a swich for a…