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  • [NAMM] EVH launches 1W micro stack
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    [NAMM] EVH launches 1W micro stack

    01/25/16 in EVH 5150 III Micro Stack

    At the NAMM, EVH has introduced a 1-watt micro amp: the 5150 III Micro Stack.

  • EVH announces 5150 III 15W LBX
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    EVH announces 5150 III 15W LBX

    11/09/15 in EVH 5150III LBX

    EVH has announced a new, 15W, lunchbox-sized version of its 5150 III guitar amp head.

  • [NAMM][VIDEO] New EVH 5150 III Combo
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    [NAMM][VIDEO] New EVH 5150 III Combo

    01/27/13 in EVH 5150 III 2x12 50W Combo

    EVH completes its 5150III in 2013 with a 3-channel, all-tube 50W 2x12 Combo. Our team met Chris at NAMM 2013 for a special presentation.

  • EVH 5150III Review
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    EVH 5150III Review

    08/05/12 in EVH 5150 III 50W

    When Fender launched a new amplifier featuring a new "EVH" logo and the traditional "F" next to the 5150 III logo, questions were certain to arise. Rumors said this new monster is made for metal. There are too many secrets surrounding this new amp — it's time for me to jump into my van and find out the truth.

  • EVH 5150 III

    EVH 5150 III

    09/23/11 in EVH 5150 III 100W Head

    EVH introduces the new EVH 5150 III 50-watt Head and its matching EVH 5150 III 1x12 Straight and EVH 5150 III 2x12 Cabinets, developed to the specifications of guitarist Eddie Van Halen.